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Once upon a time I was writing a book called, "Just Another Love Letter", about angels behaving badly. Now I just quietly ask myself each day, "What the hell am I doing?"

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My friends always knew I was going to hell. My only hope is that God likes good jokes and bad redheads.

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  • Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    Hey Kids!

    It's better to be full of wine and sushi than formaldehyde!

    A real post later. And it's a goodun'! Unlike this mildly inebriated rambling.

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    21 people left me a love letter:

    Blogger liv wrote in a love letter...

    does it count if it was sushi and a martini?

    11:19 PM, February 27, 2008  
    Blogger DaDuck wrote in a love letter...

    I agree totally!

    3:23 AM, February 28, 2008  
    Blogger Maggie wrote in a love letter...

    That's a great mantra!

    3:56 AM, February 28, 2008  
    Blogger Bud wrote in a love letter...

    We wait.

    3:56 AM, February 28, 2008  
    Blogger Irrelephant wrote in a love letter...

    And we worry because you're driving while under the influence of sashimi.

    5:09 AM, February 28, 2008  
    Blogger Gordo wrote in a love letter...

    I don't know about sushi, but I'm with you on the wine!

    Heck, being full of bad wine is better than being full of formaldehyde.

    5:41 AM, February 28, 2008  
    Blogger Cheesy wrote in a love letter...

    Awwww I can still see the wine glass you offered me... ENJOY!

    6:21 AM, February 28, 2008  
    Blogger Mona Buonanotte wrote in a love letter...

    Sushi has become my I'm jones-in'....

    9:04 AM, February 28, 2008  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    Absolut-ly, Liv. ;-)

    How are ya, Ducky?

    Given to me by avalokiteshvara, Maggie. ;-)

    And for that I am grateful, Bud.

    Hey, I don't have a sashimi problem, Ir. I can quit whenever I want...

    The worst wine's better then the best formaldehyde, huh, Gordo?

    *GRIN* Cheesy!

    Unagi, yellow-tail, know you want it, Mona. ;-)

    7:14 PM, February 28, 2008  
    Blogger patches wrote in a love letter...

    If you shouldn't have driven home, then where should you have driven? Different bar? Ohio, maybe?

    8:52 PM, February 28, 2008  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    Seattle. I should have driven to Seattle. The have coffee there. I could have sobered up. Doh! What was I thinking?

    8:44 AM, February 29, 2008  
    Blogger Cheesy wrote in a love letter...

    Then to my house for redhead martinis so you could start the tipsiness all over again! But I would also feed you more than dead fish so it would take all night!

    8:37 PM, February 29, 2008  
    Blogger D-Man wrote in a love letter...


    Come to NZ and stay drunk!

    5:56 PM, March 01, 2008  
    Blogger amusing wrote in a love letter...

    Hmmm..... could the good'un post be about.... cadavers? Here drumming my fingers on the table. Wishing I had a bottle of wine. Or maybe sake...

    8:55 PM, March 03, 2008  
    Anonymous Rudi wrote in a love letter...

    Word: posttease
    post.tease \'po-st-.te-z\ \-.te--z*r\ n : a Dancehall act in which a
    female performer removes her emotional armor piece by piece in view
    of the audience - n

    Sometimes she makes us wait.

    She teases us to come up to the lab
    and see what's on the slab
    to she if we'll shiver with anticipation

    9:42 AM, March 04, 2008  
    Blogger Eric Shonkwiler wrote in a love letter...

    Three cheers for Bacchus.

    Noticed you're a fan of Pinch. How'd you come upon it?

    10:30 AM, March 04, 2008  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    Sounds like a plan, Cheesy. Next time I'm up there... :-)

    And dance in the rain, D-Man? :-)

    Could be, Amusing. Or it could be about an overheard conversation...

    And if I had a comic like Andy's I'd be a strip teaser, Rudi. ;-) But...

    I'm a tango. I'm a tango!
    Where did my cadaver's brain go?

    Welcome Eric! I'm a former maenad myself... Let's see, how DID I find Pinch? Years ago I followed a link for Pinch from a comic called 'Mermaid in the Jar'. Pinch is THE best one out there. Long live the Andy! (Rudi's a fan too).

    8:15 AM, March 05, 2008  
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