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Once upon a time I was writing a book called, "Just Another Love Letter", about angels behaving badly. Now I just quietly ask myself each day, "What the hell am I doing?"

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  • Thursday, November 15, 2007

    Save a Bookstore

    No no, not O's. A different one. Fahrenheit Books is being forced to move into a muuuuch smaller space due to a bastard landlord.

    Sign up for their mailing list. Buy something. Come to town. Visit them. Buy something.

    Really. They are good people. Like most all booksellers.

    This message mostly brought to you by the letter O.

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    5 people left me a love letter:

    Blogger meno wrote in a love letter...

    A bookstore in need is a bookstore indeed.

    12:48 AM, November 16, 2007  
    Blogger Irrelephant wrote in a love letter...

    What an excellent name!

    6:23 AM, November 16, 2007  
    Anonymous Emily R wrote in a love letter...

    This is happening WAY too often. Some bookstores are just giving up altogether and going online.

    7:16 AM, November 16, 2007  
    Blogger amusing wrote in a love letter...

    The free tote bag I got at the publising party last night says "READ MORE BOOKS" (but with the E backward and in the same font that you see on eye charts) -- you want I should add their phone number/web address?

    7:16 PM, November 16, 2007  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    And they all are, Meno.

    Isn't it, Ir?

    We've got no choice, Emily. Got to follow the great herd of customers. Evolve or die. How are little bookstores faring over there?

    What got published, Amusing? Any and all publicity for Fahrenheit Books (and, er, Books Unlimited, while you're at it) would be greatly appreciated. :-)

    10:52 PM, November 16, 2007  

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