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  • Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    So Here I Am

    up at 11:30 listening to a band I just discovered 10 minutes ago whose sound has managed to capture the very essence of a book I tried to write five years ago whose narrator was named Nancy Dancehall.

    How's that for a sentence?

    Do I still want to write this thing, despite everything else I have going on, despite Just Another Book whose main character whispers relentlessly in my ear, despite this author who stole my thunder and this show that mimicked my Preacher?

    Yup. I do.

    Isn't there some sort of novel-in-a-month thingie coming up?


    Probably just my brain bouncing back from writing a paper called 'Semipermeable Membranes, Kidney Function and Dialysis'.

    I'm sure I'll be over it by tomorrow.

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    20 people left me a love letter:

    Blogger D-Man wrote in a love letter...

    That band could do the sound track for the movie of the book...?

    I also have a song up at the moment that you are free to use. ;)

    3:57 AM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger Bud wrote in a love letter...

    The world is loaded with ideas, successful manifestations of ideas, that I had first. Damn it all. And you too, huh. Whenever I forget to write a lyric idea down and fret about it, my young co-writer, always says, "It's okay, it'll get caught in the wind and somebody else will pick it up and give it life." And make a living off of it, I add. Bastards.
    But hey, Pants, semipermiable membranes, sounds kind of... nah, I can't write a song about that. What rhymes with that? And it's like 8 syllables. It'd have to be musical comedy.

    4:49 AM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger Mona Buonanotte wrote in a love letter...

    Oh, now I'm curious! What band? What song? Do tell!

    6:08 AM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger Maggie wrote in a love letter...

    Yes tell the band. And yes do the Nano - but only if you have time for it. Don't wack yourself out with extras while going to school if its too much.

    Oh do it. its not like you get demerits for not making it to the end right?

    7:42 AM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger liv wrote in a love letter...

    Damn that D@n Brown. Hate him. Ugh!!!! Everything about him makes me ill.

    8:12 AM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger meno wrote in a love letter...

    Nano is guaranteed to make you crazy. I know because my daughter attempts it every year. And each year she gets further, and crazier.

    So, yeah, what band/song?

    8:53 AM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    They could, D-Man, and so could you and Bud. I request a team-up! :-)

    Your co-writer is a genius, Bud. That's EXACTLY what happens. Too bad you can't stick a 'property of' label on them before they hit the wind. So can you do anything with 'selectively permeable membranes?' It's much catchier, don't you think? Get with D-Man on that. ;-)

    Check my labels, Mona. :-) The band is Lilium, descended from Sixteen Horsepower here in Denver (if you want a creepy 16HP video check out 'Haw' on YouTube) Think 'American Goth Cowpunk'. The album is 'Transmission of All the Good Byes'. Track 5- Fugue and Track 10-Goodbye Llano in particular. For snippets go to emusic.

    Like I told the lady above, Maggie. :-) The Nano is tempting, and I might just have to re-write and post bits for NaBloPoMo - kill two birds with one stone.

    Me, too, Liv! I've never read him. We hates him! He steals our Mary...

    9:28 AM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    Whoops, you snuck in, Meno. Wow, so Em does this. She's so cool. Check my comment to Mona for the band and history. :-)

    9:30 AM, October 18, 2007  
    Anonymous Rudi wrote in a love letter...

    I'm ready for your book to blow me away some day.

    Here are two thoughts on being similar to other work:

    1) I've heard of that Dan guy but I didn't read his book (or see the movie) so it'll be new to me.

    2) Similar is not derivative. I've read plenty of books that bore, at times, strong resemblances to others of their genre. That's okay as long as it's telling a good story. One that is internally consistent and believable.

    9:57 AM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger Irrelephant wrote in a love letter...

    Didn't someone once say that they're only seven plots? If that's true then there's bound to be a little crossover effect. I mean heck, look at the internet--there's your infinite number of monkeys, all banging away on their typewriters.

    (Tho if you renamed the book "Just Another Semipermeable Membrane, Kidney Function and Dialysis" you might draw a different sort of audience indeed.)

    Whatever you do, don't give up. Don't be one of those people who forever talk about and always regret their half-finished novel that's locked away in the attic in a box. Those people are icky.

    11:19 AM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger ms chica wrote in a love letter...

    Just listened to samples, cause I read your tags. The music is transfixing. Sixteen Horsepower, huh?

    I've been coveting music this week, but as usual my wishlist has over a hundred tracks on it, and I'm having trouble making up my mind.

    Write on, Nancy. Write on.

    7:13 PM, October 18, 2007  
    Anonymous Anonymous wrote in a love letter...

    A musical side project that Ms Dancehall failed to mention is Woven Hand. Now that 16 HP is defunct, the lead guy is doing this. Check them out too. Along with other Denver sound folks: Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots, Kalamath Brothers, The Denver Gentlemen.

    9:36 PM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger Schmoopie wrote in a love letter...

    You're a writer, Pants. An excellent writer. 'Nuff said. :)

    9:54 PM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger Cheesy wrote in a love letter...

    You had BETTER write it or... or...
    Or I'll sic that huge corn spider on you!!

    10:25 PM, October 18, 2007  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    Well, Rudi, you might be reading at least some of it here sooner than later. :-) It's, um, different.

    True, true, true, Ir. I don't want to be one of those icky people.

    Lilium actually, Chica. Two band members from the trio that was 16HP. I'll email you about some music...

    Yeah, Woven Hand is sooo good. There are a lot of great Denver bands. What people don't realize is that there is a Denver sound. But no one knows it because we are in the middle of 600 SQUARE MILES OF NOTHING.

    Thanks, Schmoop. :-) Schmoop's one of my Beta Readers. :-)

    lol, Cheesy. That spider has laid her eggs. I'll be awash next spring, I'm sure. :-O

    11:56 PM, October 19, 2007  
    Blogger amusing wrote in a love letter...

    Hmmm. Semi-permeable Memories?

    8:33 AM, October 20, 2007  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    God, aren't they all, Amusing?
    *Whistling 'Yes, I Remember It Well"*

    8:57 AM, October 20, 2007  
    Blogger Mother of Invention wrote in a love letter...

    the book "Just Another Semipermeable Membrane, Kidney Function and Dialysis" or

    "All You Ever Wanted To know About peeing And More!"

    Now we could all contribute our pee memories and help co-write the paper!

    7:31 AM, October 21, 2007  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    Would that be your urinary track records? ;-)

    10:29 AM, October 21, 2007  
    Blogger Scott from Oregon wrote in a love letter...

    AS talented as you are, I would feel cheated in my life if you never finished your book in yours...

    1:23 PM, October 21, 2007  

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