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  • Tuesday, September 18, 2007


    It was a beautiful weekend.

    Everything I feared turned to gold. A perfect run, a perfect race.

    The shower was so much fun. Seeing Judith and her lovely round belly, I had to hold back happy tears. She's struggled for this day, that's all I'll tell you.

    She laughed about how she now feels like a complete mammal (and I added that she hadn't seen anything yet – wait 'til she breastfeeds.)

    I stayed for an hour, then left shortly after someone else showed up, managing to keep my back to her, continue with a conversation, take a tour of a newly-renovated suite and hug Judith goodbye in the space of fifteen minutes. Dear Friend walked me to the door. We held hands, kissed cheeks and thanked each other for the lovely time. And it was.

    Things got even better that night when I met Cheesy. I suggested we go to a restaurant, but she had a much better plan. Her brother-in-law dropped her off here and I did what Tiggers do best, which was to get her tipsy. After that it was a ginger talkfest for the next four hours. (Not to mention that O was included and he's a much better conversationalist than I am.*). We covered everything – raising twins, watching wildlife (Is there a difference between those activities? Not really.), friends and husbands and lovers, politics, spiders, other Bloggers (yes, you specifically), cooking, eating, property maintenance, gun control laws, geography, birth, death and the great travel opportunities in between.

    (Hey Cheese, I think we skipped religion. How the hell did we forget that?)

    She took dozens of photos and will be posting some as soon as her vacation ends and she returns to the wilds of Oregon and proper technology. She even let the boyos use her camera, that brave and foolish woman. I miss you already, darlin'. You are beautiful.

    Sunday was the boyos big 0-5 party. I was sweating it because I'd spent the week trying to reserve a shelter at a nearby fancy-pants park but was continually thwarted by a burrocrat. I decided just to hold it here, and thought about the thirty bucks I saved as I watched the lightning and rain from the back door. Ha.

    The highlight of the party was seeing the three lovely ladies of Southern CO – Lil Hux and the Girlios. Clowncar the newly-minted teacher (he uses Waits songs to teach creative writing – how cool is that?) had to stay behind and grade homework. Eleven kids and nothing broken. A Festivus miracle.

    Then the last little bits of stress. Today I made birthday treats for the boyos' kindergarten class. There's one little boy in their class who has severe food allergies. His mom sent a note to all the parents a week ago, asking them if they would please be careful about what snacks they sent along with their kids, and to let her know when there was a birthday so she could prepare a special treat for her son to eat. Then I overheard their teacher telling someone that she had to send the boy out of the room whenever there was a birthday, just in case. That just broke my heart. So I contacted the mom and asked what I could make or buy that he could safely eat. Turns out he can eat 0re0s and a particular brand of frosting. So that's what I did. Then I sat home and sweated the whole time, hoping nothing wold happen. But it was worth it. He was a happy kid today.

    But the best, best part was when a completely unprompted couple of boyos thanked me for the best party ever. My eyes might have leaked, I'm not sure.

    Now, all I have to worry about is Tuesday night when I get my first Biology test score back. I think I did well. Oh, and the lab write-up. At least I get a second chance if I don't like my first grade. And for me there's only one acceptable grade. Wish me luck.

    And wish O luck. I'm passing the stress baton on to him this week. More on that later.

    * “Read, 'Bullshit artist,'” O says over my shoulder.

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    14 people left me a love letter:

    Blogger Bud wrote in a love letter...

    Ah, we both had excellent weekends then, though a couple of thousand miles and mountains apart. Glad that turned out so well for all of us. Hope the grades are all you worked so hard for.

    11:04 AM, September 18, 2007  
    Anonymous Rudi wrote in a love letter...

    w00t w00t! Glad it worked.

    >ginger talkfest
    New one on me, say what? Chick Chat?

    >0reos and a particular brand of frosting

    Nancy, will you frost an oreo for me?

    Can we all come over to play and have frosted oreos for snack time???

    2:51 PM, September 18, 2007  
    Blogger meno wrote in a love letter...

    Is a burrocrat related to an asscrat? My new favorite word.

    How fun that you got a chance to meet Cheesy! And talk.....

    Next time, religion for sure.

    3:36 PM, September 18, 2007  
    Blogger meno wrote in a love letter...

    And i am assuming tha ginger talkfest has to do with red locks.

    3:37 PM, September 18, 2007  
    Blogger ms chica wrote in a love letter...

    Are you Morticia? Because it's impossible for both of us to be Wednesday...then again maybe I'm Monday the black sheep with the potty mouth.

    Damn, got distracted again. What I meant to say is, Nancy you are a totally cool mom. Not just anyone would ice oreos for a kid that wasn't their own. And your are totally right about Cannon Beach.

    6:23 PM, September 18, 2007  
    Blogger Irrelephant wrote in a love letter...

    Double congrats on the parties! You're a saint amongst sinners for going the extra step for that little boy. Hopefully he'll return the favor down the line somewhere.

    Writing about happiness? Wow. Why don't you try something easy, like dancing about football? *S* Everyone can get behind sadness and grief and suffering, but capturing the feel of happiness is about like catching a cicada on a summer day: not impossible but dang difficult, and then they scream like the devil when you do catch one...

    As for Addamsness? From the sound of it you've still got a long way to go to Bradydom. And thank all that slinks in the dark places for that.

    6:36 PM, September 18, 2007  
    Anonymous clowncar wrote in a love letter...

    Yo, thanks for the props, boo. Sorry to have missed the party. Sounded like Big Fun.

    I'm now toying with a lesson plan on the creation myths of 50s Japanese monsters (nuclear bombs, pollution) and how to convert them to the present day (terrorists, global warming). The culmination is a strictly structured 5 paragraph essay where 2 student-created monsters duke it out in an American city of the student's choice. Preferably near or on top of a major landmark. St. Louis Arch, etc.

    But enough about me.

    The post before last took my breath away. But you knew that.

    9:45 PM, September 18, 2007  
    Blogger Schmoopie wrote in a love letter...

    Here's a story...of a lovely lady...Hmm. You are definitely a Morticia, Pants. Not a Carol! :) (Though you are lovely!)

    That Mom probably cried at your sensitivity to her child's allergies. So many people don't care and make a big stink over it. You are the best!

    I am jealous that you go to meet Cheesy! We are hoping to meet her soon. Planning a trip to Oregon and Northern CA.

    11:02 PM, September 18, 2007  
    Blogger Mona Buonanotte wrote in a love letter...

    Frosted oreos??? Sign me up! You're the coolest mom ever for doing that, y'know? Coolest. Ever.

    Is Festivus upon us already? Where's my pole?

    7:08 AM, September 19, 2007  
    Blogger MyUtopia wrote in a love letter...

    Sounds like a wonderful time! I can't wait for my shower.

    1:35 PM, September 19, 2007  
    Blogger liv wrote in a love letter...

    Oh, I envy you your wonderful weekend! D is about to have his 5th birthday, and I look forward to some kind of fun. Montessori does not allow yummy snacks so it'll probably be a morsel of muesli or bark of some kind. blech.

    6:46 PM, September 19, 2007  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    It was eerily perfect, Bud. :-) Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

    It did work, Rudi. :-) Sure! Come on over! (I know you just want a pillow fight to break out anyway...;-) )

    I think burrocrats and asscrats are in the same family, Meno, but let's hope they can't crossbreed. Cheesy is so much fun. You have to hook up, even if you aren't a gingerhead. :-)

    I AM Morticia, Ms. Chica. You must be Monday, because Wednesday is Schmoop's child. Anyway, I'd adopt you, and ice your 0reos.

    Dacing about football? Only if it's Gaelic football, Ir. The only person I've read who can really, _really_ capture happiness is Bradbury. Would you agree?

    Yo Boo; sup, bro? You are the coolest teacher. My monster would be the Ebola Zombie. It would fight the Existential Quantum Spider. But you knew that. (Yours is space squirrel vs shopping cart alien, innit?)

    Why thank you, Schmoop. :-) Yeah, the mom was pretty happy. She talks to me now when we wait to pick up the kiddos. You MUST meet Cheesy!

    Thanks, Mona. Wanna come over for one? We can decorate the Festivus pole with frosted 0reos.

    Congratulations, Utopia! I was so happy to read the news. Will you post the ultrasound photos? Pre-professional curiosity.

    Oh that's right, Liv; you've got D in Montesori. How is that? I'm curious. I might want to move the boyos to a Montessori school. Waldorf's out unless I rob a bank or five.

    11:00 PM, September 20, 2007  
    Blogger Cheesy wrote in a love letter...

    How fun was that?????

    Gingerfest indeed! I am currently kind of stuck in Cortez and hoping to be headed home SOON!

    I am loving the desert but am ready to be in the land of green....Thank you so much for making me feel at home and I got to meet my blogger grand-boy-o's!
    [Absolutely LOVEY children and Pants had to count heads to make sure I didn't steal one.
    Pants... O....Thank you for making me feel like family... hugs!!

    8:11 AM, September 21, 2007  
    Blogger amusing wrote in a love letter...

    No one warns you that you end up a cow post childbirth. I was positively bovine.

    You've had quite the streamer-flinging bunch o' fun, haven't you?

    My kid's January b'day is coming up too fast. Can I have it at your house? And will you frost oreos for us all?

    (Hey! High-fives when the grades come in -- It's biology, for god's sake - you'll ace it!)

    7:43 PM, September 22, 2007  

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