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  • Wednesday, January 31, 2007

    Raise your hand

    if you are ready for January and all it entails to end.

    Raise your hand if you are ready to kick January to the curb, go back inside, and hurl all of January's belongings onto the (snow-covered) lawn, and this time you MEAN it.

    Who's for buying January a one-way bus ticket to anywhere?

    Raise your hand.

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    12 people left me a love letter:

    Anonymous da duck wrote in a love letter...

    ME!!!! I am ready for February to be over too! wake me when it is March!

    2:19 PM, January 31, 2007  
    Blogger Maggie wrote in a love letter...

    Two hands up. Listlessly, but up. Apparently my internal clock realized today that we headed into the greyest month of the year and leaving the coldest and most annoying month of the year - and therefore, I slump.

    I'd like to kick January's a** up and down the street and send it walking with a warning to February, "You better be good, you better. Be. Good."

    2:53 PM, January 31, 2007  
    Blogger Irrelephant wrote in a love letter...

    *raising a tired, cold, wet hand* Count me in, sister. No more rain. Please.

    4:23 PM, January 31, 2007  
    Blogger Lucia wrote in a love letter...

    I'm raising one and waving it around (but not sayin' hallelujah or anything).

    5:43 PM, January 31, 2007  
    Blogger Schmoopie wrote in a love letter...

    A few suggestions: You need to build another blazing fire in the fireplace and roast marshmallows with the boyos. Plant some seeds indoors in a few flowerboxes and watch them grow. Drink a lot of good wine. Have a lot of sex. Hmm... let's see... oh! Visit a friend out-of-town ;)

    5:54 PM, January 31, 2007  
    Blogger amusing wrote in a love letter...

    Um. Well.
    Much as I look forward to February as the month with the little red and pink hearts on Valentines, the rows and rows of red, heart-shaped candy boxes in the drugstore, those silly sugar hearts with stupid sayings on them, roses to sniff in the supermarket, people waking up in the morning to ask if the groundhog saw his shadow, and the way the sky begins to lighten even more even earlier --

    despite all those things I love about February....

    I don't want January to end, because I have all this work I was supposed to have done in this month.

    So let's not let it go just yet, eh?

    8:18 PM, January 31, 2007  
    Blogger meno wrote in a love letter...

    Hell, wake me when it's June. That's when it stops raining around here.

    8:44 PM, January 31, 2007  
    Blogger Scott from Oregon wrote in a love letter...

    Nope. January rocked.

    12:07 AM, February 01, 2007  
    Anonymous patches wrote in a love letter...

    January' can kiss my.... But if you really want a weather change I'll send you mine, 60F and raining.

    6:16 PM, February 01, 2007  
    Anonymous clowncar wrote in a love letter...


    You want annoying, try back to back tonsilectomies.

    11:50 AM, February 02, 2007  
    Blogger Lisa wrote in a love letter..., me!!!

    I say we send January an eviction notice.

    Tell January to piss up a rope.

    Give January directions to NOWHERE. Fast.

    Blow my nose into a tissue made of Janaury.

    ...I'm not expecting February's weather to be much better, frankly, but at least it'll metamorphose into March at some point, and March has a reputation for being a little bit springy...


    2:06 PM, February 02, 2007  
    Blogger Julie wrote in a love letter...

    I'm not ready for it to be over because then my wedding is even closers, which means more work to get ready for it! I'm stopping by for the first time in's nice to catch up and check in with your life :)

    2:42 PM, February 02, 2007  

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