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Once upon a time I was writing a book called, "Just Another Love Letter", about angels behaving badly. Now I just quietly ask myself each day, "What the hell am I doing?"

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  • Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    Bear with me.

    I've been negligent. I've procrastinated, and only now have I pulled the amaryllis bulbs out of the basement. Their translucent green leaves might just as well be ghosts. Perhaps sunlight will strengthen them, and maybe they will be strong enough to flower by Valentine's Day.


    I'm usually not at a loss for words. A blank page or screen has never intimidated me. They are tilled garden beds waiting to be planted.

    But right now, I can't seem to fill them.

    So, I'll type until I have something.

    It's when I stop and look at life, at death, the way they balance, the way death winds through a tunnel and comes out as life, the way life turns and eats its own tail. I don't have the words. I don't.

    The more I write, the more I realize that it is just my way of coming to terms with oblivion. If I make some of you laugh or cry or actually think along the way, it is a happy side-effect.

    And all I can tell you is that the best, most important thing you can do is to fall in love. With someone, with something, anything. Let go and fall.

    Flying's just falling with faith.

    12 people left me a love letter:

    Blogger Meno wrote in a love letter...

    It's all about the love.

    10:18 PM, December 12, 2006  
    Blogger Stucco wrote in a love letter...

    Yes yes, that's all well and good, but I'm here for the boobies :)

    12:11 AM, December 13, 2006  
    Blogger Bud wrote in a love letter...

    I love that. Flying is just falling with faith.

    7:19 AM, December 13, 2006  
    Anonymous clowncar wrote in a love letter...

    Yes, that "Flying's just falling with faith" is just wonderful.

    I think of writing (my own, at least, and writers I like to read, such as yourself) as whistling as you walk past the graveyard.

    11:29 AM, December 13, 2006  
    Blogger Schmoopie wrote in a love letter...

    Ask Stucco, I "don't trust guys." It was so difficult to let go and fall, but I did, and it was the best thing I ever did!

    12:09 PM, December 13, 2006  
    Blogger Stucco wrote in a love letter...

    Yes, yes,yes- faith, falling- poetic and delightful, but I was lured here under the auspices of boobies! Dirty rotten pandering to my Y chromosome character deficiency.

    12:55 PM, December 13, 2006  
    Blogger Irrelephant wrote in a love letter...

    Boobies? Where boobies?

    4:33 PM, December 13, 2006  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    That's what I'm talking about, Meno!

    Thanks, Bud! Whatever you want to use...

    You nailed it, Clowncar.

    You don't, Schmoop? I don't trust women. Present company excluded, of course. :-)

    Ok, ok, ok, Stucco and Ir, my little pervs. Next post will have boobies.

    7:16 PM, December 13, 2006  
    Blogger Schmoopie wrote in a love letter...

    I guess I should have said, "I don't generally trust anyone, women or men." Present company excluded of course ;)

    9:34 PM, December 13, 2006  
    Blogger JustCallMeJo wrote in a love letter...

    Very true. All of what you said.

    If making art was just about the joy of making of the art, we'd trash the canvases, burn the manuscripts when we were done. But we wish to cheat oblivion with it. We wish to remain.

    4:05 AM, December 14, 2006  
    Anonymous maggie wrote in a love letter...

    "the way life turns and eats its own tail"

    Ain't that the truth? Maybe falling is the only answer?

    9:18 AM, December 14, 2006  
    Blogger Scott from Oregon wrote in a love letter...


    I got a notice from technoratiti that you had boobies...

    Where are the boobies?


    1:48 PM, December 14, 2006  

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