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Once upon a time I was writing a book called, "Just Another Love Letter", about angels behaving badly. Now I just quietly ask myself each day, "What the hell am I doing?"

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  • Wednesday, May 10, 2006


    Des Moines Girl did a bit of research for me, and it looks like I might be suffering from a type of migraine. Weird, I always associated migraines with pain, and these episodes are not painful. They just leave me drained for a day or two (not to mention freaked out).

    Thanks for your concern, guys. I promise you a real post soon.

    3 people left me a love letter:

    Blogger Jay wrote in a love letter...

    Whatever you call it, I hope the problem gets solved. That's not cool.

    6:37 AM, May 11, 2006  
    Blogger Dantares wrote in a love letter...

    Do you find the unknown danger more scary than the known danger?

    5:14 PM, May 11, 2006  
    Blogger Nancy Dancehall wrote in a love letter...

    Miss Jay: Hey, you're in Canada, right? Send me some migraine drugs! I'd send you something American in return, but we don't make anything here anymore.

    Dantares: I must not, because I keep putting off going to the doctor to find out what it is.
    But I like this migraine possibility. The other one I've been entertaining is the after-effects of a stroke, brought on by some medication I used to take, for which there is now a class-action lawsuit brewing, I've heard.

    10:07 PM, May 11, 2006  

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