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Once upon a time I was writing a book called, "Just Another Love Letter", about angels behaving badly. Now I just quietly ask myself each day, "What the hell am I doing?"

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My friends always knew I was going to hell. My only hope is that God likes good jokes and bad redheads.

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  • Sunday, September 25, 2005

    Ring of Fire

    No writing today (yet). We just got back from the Pueblo Chile Festival, about two hours south. Jeff, Diana, Shay and Kay-Kay are doing well. The girls are really coming along – more beautiful every time I see them. Jack and Declan enjoyed playing with them. Declan seems to have a crush on both girls. Is that possible at three? It was so good to see them all, laugh over an excellent lunch. It makes moving south all the more tempting.

    One of the highlights of the festival was watching a man who couldn't have been a day under 100 dance with three very young and attractive women, one after the other. Chicks dig older men!

    The house is now permeated with the aroma of freshly-roasted chilies, which smell quite a lot like weed. We bought half a bushel, about 15 pounds. They are sitting on the kitchen counter, still hot from the roasting, and I’m waiting for them to eat through the plastic bag. Tomorrow I’ll process them into salsa with the tomatoes and whatever cilantro is left in the garden. My anchos are embarrassingly small. I don’t think they’ll reach maturity before the first frost. I also need to harvest the sunflower seeds before the cedar waxwings return (if they return). They decimated the juniper berries this spring, but it was worth it to watch them.

    On the way back home, looking at the sign for the Focus on the Family Visitor’s Center, or whatever it’s called, I got a little blip of a scene for The follow-up to Just Another Love Letter. Anners and Ian are having snickerdoodles and coffee with Manny, and Ian asks him if he’s ever been to Colorado Springs. Manny tells him he’s never been near the place. He prefers Boulder. I’d love to spill the beans on Manny’s identity, but…

    Current Music: October Project’s first album

    Saturday, September 24, 2005

    Fried Chicken and Whiskey

    488 words. 313 pages total. Sara gets help tying her shoes from a Buddha of dubious material. She’s got one of the Hounds' swords, they have her memory of Penemuel. Up to the roof we go. I’m having one of those days when I think this might not be utter crap. I just knew that if I wandered around in the fog long enough, shouting loudly enough, the story would find me again.

    Jeff told me it's his Houston Relatives, not the Port Authur folks, who are holed up with the fried chicken and whiskey. He thinks that would be a great title for a story. Hell, Jeff, Fried Chicken and Whiskey is a bluegrass song waiting for Bela to make it happen.

    Thursday, September 22, 2005

    9-20-05 439 words. Sara strikes back. I had no idea the girl had it in her. Here I thought she’d just run. Now it seems she’s going to cut and run.

    Current music: Kate Bush, Get Out of My House

    Monday, September 19, 2005

    Blog Envy

    Wow. I'm just randomly looking through other blogs, and I have serious blog envy. How do I individualize this thing? I want my own heading. And photos. And cool little sidebars. I'm a graphic designer from the old century. I can do whatever I want so long as it's going on a press and onto paper, but I'm perplexed when it comes to HTML. I used to work on a monster called an integrator, which seems on the surface to be similar to HTML, but that was more years ago than I care to remember. Would somebody take me by my lily-white hand and "hep me hep me!"

    I will eventually be posting the first chapter of Just Another Love Letter. Beloved Hubby wants to rework a sentence on page 1, and he's right; it could use a tweak. So, when he's done, I'll post it here. Remember, you were one of the first!

    In the Cellar

    18,348 beginning, 19,057 end 709 total over the last two days. Further interrogation of Sara. Stealing the image of Pen. I’m finding that a lot of my own life is twisted and buried in this thing. No wonder I’m having trouble with this particular passage. I had wanted it to lead to a fun chase scene, but it is getting darker than I had anticipated. Not necessarily a bad thing. I’m whittling down this gap between the new stuff and the “hell chapters” I wrote about seven years ago. I’m glad I was able to get to Boulder on the tenth and drive around a bit. I had the boyos with me, and it is impossible to do any actual footwork with three year old twins in tow. I need to get back up there alone before it gets too cold, and bike around. I think I know where Sara lives now. The Historical District, which seems to have all the requirements I need – old houses, big trees, a view of the Flatirons, hills and an easy biking distance to the Pearl St Mall. Also, VisionMom doesn’t shop at Wild Oats, but at the Boulder Collective Market. Gotta take a peek in there, too.

    Sunday, September 18, 2005

    Writing Log

    I'm sure this will be of interest only to myself, but I've been keeping track of my word counts and sections of story day-by day. The earliest ones are written in longhand on something called paper, using a device called a pen. The later ones I've kept in a Word doc. I shall post them here, now. Maybe I'll get around to keying in the older ones. Should I ever get this creature published, this post is chock full of spoilers. Reader be warned. The word counts are only for the document I was working on, but I did a total on the 16th, as you can see.

    22046 beginning word count 6 18 05

    22628 end previously, Sara’s mom and Sophia, today, Sara as baby to landing in feathers

    6-19-05 22628

    6- 22-05 22796 23026 clean up previous, add Sara’s thoughts on the couch.

    6- 30 23026 - 23029 63222 total more Sara-Omentiel stuff. Slow-going.

    7-1 23029 ditto

    7 – 2 23,349 end count. Salazar’s lair – hotel room

    7-5 23,699 beginning 24,323 end Sara struggles to see Pen as he is, and succeeds.

    7-12-05 25,373 beginning—I haven’t been keeping daily track – I’ve been thinking about reworking the whole Sara and Pen argue thingy – make it more of a quest of Pen’s to get back into God’s good graces. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m still working on Sara and Omentiel’s chapter from 7-6-05. end 25,722

    7-13-05 25,722 beginning

    7-14 – 7-17-05 28,116 Sara and Omentiel finally finished!!! Laundromat chapter’s hard to get into. I have 539 words of it that I wrote about 8 years ago, but I’m having a hard time getting back into it.

    7-27-05 845 words – Pen and Az in purgatory still.

    7-29-05 beginning 28,961 29,650 end. 689 words. Pen wandering around purg, and into the bathroom, parts also written years ago, weren’t they, hunnybunny?

    7-30-05 29,650 beginning. Pen in the lounge. 29,818 end 168 words.

    8-1-05 29,818 beginning 30,257 end. 439 words. The flapper scene. Ugh.

    8-2-05 30,238 beginning 30,650 end 412 words. Pen in the bathroom, end of chapter. Glad that’s over!

    8-3-05 30,650 beginning 31,189 end. 539 words. Pen reunites with Az. Az turns off the tv. Yay!

    8-4-05 31,189 beginning 31,411 222 words. Polishing purgatory – O’s idea of the buzzer, and I added God to the bathroom – can’t believe I forgot Him the other day.

    8-5-05 31,411 beginning 31,604 more polishing, Az ushers everyone out.

    8-6-05 31,604 beginning, 32,769 end. 1165 words. I’ve skipped ahead to where Sara is trying to stop Pen’s bleeding and making a mess of it. Salazar enters.

    8-8-05 32,771 beginning. 33,009 end. 238 words. Pen reads the letter and argues with Az. God, when can we get out of Purgatory!

    8-9-05 33,009 beginning, 33,461 end. 452 words. Added the quill vs. pen detail in Limbo’s restroom. Cleaning up Sara’s awakening, and adding a bit of musing to Omentiel as he munches pizza.

    8-10-05 33,461 beginning. 33,798 end. Polishing what I have written in the Steeplechase chapter, which is where Sara meets the Hounds. I think this might be a difficult chapter. (They’re all getting difficult, now that I’ve gotten off the beaten path). Got to think of some failsafes!!! But, think I’m finally out of Purgatory!

    8-15-05 ? beginning 40,628 end I put some Anah cell phone calls into the old document, but forgot to get a beginning word count, and the notebook with the old count is downstairs (I’m at my parents’ house).

    8-16-05 33,754 beginning. 33,754 end. Yes, no writing, but I think I finally have the chapters in their proper order. So, I have 229 pages in order, with another 27 already written and ready to hook up after I finish Steeplechase. It’s hard to write here, because of all the distractions, and because Steeplechase is proving to be a challenge. Fucking words! It makes my job so hard!! I think I’m going to have to switch to a notebook for a while and write on my mom’s bathroom floor.

    8-17-05 33,754 beginning 33,987 end. Azza, Izt and Sara begin their conversation.

    8-18-05 33,987 beginning 34,253 end. I think my dad might hate this story.

    8-27-05 34,253 beginning 34, 482 229 words. Mostly re-working Omentiel’s interrogation. Back home now. I’ve got a headache from hell.

    8- 30-05 34, 590 beginning 34,887 end. 297 words. I’m just gonna hafta go to Boulder to write Steeplechase. Stuck stuck stuck.

    9-5-05 35, 669 end. 782 words. Pen and Sara are treed by the Hounds. Pen escapes with Sara. Happy anniversary, JALL. I had the first inkling of you on Labor Day, 1996, with The Sketchbook. Sorry I had to put you down for so long. Don’t give up on me, please. I guess your anniversary present to me was the scene for the escape, captured at 5 am right after a near-waking dream. Thanks!

    9-6-05 340 words. Sara runs from the Hounds and realizes the tree-climbing failsafe.

    9-7-05 211 words. Sara climbs the tree.

    9-9-05 17,772 beginning, same at the end. Nothing today.

    9-14-05 17,772 beginning, 17,859 end. Ok, it’s only 80-odd words, but I’ve broken through this retched writer’s block. Azza and Izt can actually see and retrieve Sara’s thoughts out of her aura. God, I hope it’s not to close to JKR’s penseive. I just thought of that. Oh, fuck it, I’m writing again; that’s all that’s important. A wish and a prayer go out to Poppy Z. Brite whose house is probably beyond repair. I hope she finds all her cats safe and sound.

    9-15-05 17,859 beginning, 18,348 end. 489 words. The Hounds interrogate Sara further. I was up again at 5:30. Seems to work.

    9-16-05 Just did a word total count. 77,727.

    Saturday, September 17, 2005


    12:38 am. Somehow, I got tricked into doing a blog.