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  • Thursday, November 17, 2005

    Jen Ruzicka, Rest in Peace

    Jen's death was sudden and unexpected. A heart defect, it seems. My thoughts and prayers are with her family right now. Dave and Rob are old friends of mine. We all kept each other sane by driving each other crazy, back in the day. I don't think a weekend went by that wasn't spent in their apartment along with Chris, Sara, Jessica and Orlando. There will never be days like those again. God bless ya all.

    From The Messenger, in Iowa:

    Jennifer Ann Ruzicka, 32, of Humboldt, passed away November 11, 2005 at Trinity Regional Medical Center in Fort Dodge...

    Jennifer Ann (Kathman) Ruzicka was born in Waterloo, Iowa on Father’s Day (June 17) 1973. She was a great joy in a thunderstorm that early morning and considered to be the greatest gift ever received on “Great Grandfather’s Day” by her great grandpa Baardson.

    Jennifer and her family lived in Waterloo until Father’s Day 1979, when the family moved to Milford, Iowa. In Milford, she had many memories living above H.E. Jacobs Variety Store, which was owned by her father. Living close to the lakes, she loved swimming in the summer. She graduated from Okoboji High School in 1991.

    After graduation, she moved to Des Moines where she excelled at Drake University School of Pharmacy and again graduated with honors in the winter of 1995. While at Drake she first met David who was her older brother, Robert’s friend and college roommate. She was employed as a staff pharmacist at Methodist Hospital in Des Moines when she and David began dating. Many of their dates where spent biking, and David proposed to her after she gave him an antique Schwinn bicycle built for two.

    Jennifer and David were united in marriage on May 17, 1997 in Spencer, Iowa and spent their honeymoon on the north side of the Grand Canyon where Jennifer learned to appreciate mules on a ride down into the canyon. Promptly after their honeymoon, they settled in Janesville, Wisconsin for David’s family practice residency. For the next three years, Jennifer supported David while she again was employed as a pharmacist first in Rockford, Illinois, then in Beloit, Wisconsin.

    The couple was blessed with the birth of their first born, Catherine Nicole on Easter morning 2000. Two weeks later the young family moved to Humboldt. Jennifer was employed at the Humboldt County Memorial Hospital until being blessed again with the arrival of Madeleine Margaret on August 23, 2001. Jennifer was then employed and after being blessed with their third beautiful girl, Cassondra Abigail on November 22, 2002.

    Jennifer lived for her children and was a loving wife. Wise and patient, she taught her children well. She accomplished the goals she set for herself with a quiet determination and was a friend to many. She was a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, St. Mary’s Ladies Society, the Iowa Pharmacy Association, P.EO Chapter BV, and the Humboldt Babysitting COOP.

    As a testament to her love of children, memorials will be made for playground equipment to benefit the children of Humboldt.