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  • Sunday, September 18, 2005

    Writing Log

    I'm sure this will be of interest only to myself, but I've been keeping track of my word counts and sections of story day-by day. The earliest ones are written in longhand on something called paper, using a device called a pen. The later ones I've kept in a Word doc. I shall post them here, now. Maybe I'll get around to keying in the older ones. Should I ever get this creature published, this post is chock full of spoilers. Reader be warned. The word counts are only for the document I was working on, but I did a total on the 16th, as you can see.

    22046 beginning word count 6 18 05

    22628 end previously, Sara’s mom and Sophia, today, Sara as baby to landing in feathers

    6-19-05 22628

    6- 22-05 22796 23026 clean up previous, add Sara’s thoughts on the couch.

    6- 30 23026 - 23029 63222 total more Sara-Omentiel stuff. Slow-going.

    7-1 23029 ditto

    7 – 2 23,349 end count. Salazar’s lair – hotel room

    7-5 23,699 beginning 24,323 end Sara struggles to see Pen as he is, and succeeds.

    7-12-05 25,373 beginning—I haven’t been keeping daily track – I’ve been thinking about reworking the whole Sara and Pen argue thingy – make it more of a quest of Pen’s to get back into God’s good graces. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m still working on Sara and Omentiel’s chapter from 7-6-05. end 25,722

    7-13-05 25,722 beginning

    7-14 – 7-17-05 28,116 Sara and Omentiel finally finished!!! Laundromat chapter’s hard to get into. I have 539 words of it that I wrote about 8 years ago, but I’m having a hard time getting back into it.

    7-27-05 845 words – Pen and Az in purgatory still.

    7-29-05 beginning 28,961 29,650 end. 689 words. Pen wandering around purg, and into the bathroom, parts also written years ago, weren’t they, hunnybunny?

    7-30-05 29,650 beginning. Pen in the lounge. 29,818 end 168 words.

    8-1-05 29,818 beginning 30,257 end. 439 words. The flapper scene. Ugh.

    8-2-05 30,238 beginning 30,650 end 412 words. Pen in the bathroom, end of chapter. Glad that’s over!

    8-3-05 30,650 beginning 31,189 end. 539 words. Pen reunites with Az. Az turns off the tv. Yay!

    8-4-05 31,189 beginning 31,411 222 words. Polishing purgatory – O’s idea of the buzzer, and I added God to the bathroom – can’t believe I forgot Him the other day.

    8-5-05 31,411 beginning 31,604 more polishing, Az ushers everyone out.

    8-6-05 31,604 beginning, 32,769 end. 1165 words. I’ve skipped ahead to where Sara is trying to stop Pen’s bleeding and making a mess of it. Salazar enters.

    8-8-05 32,771 beginning. 33,009 end. 238 words. Pen reads the letter and argues with Az. God, when can we get out of Purgatory!

    8-9-05 33,009 beginning, 33,461 end. 452 words. Added the quill vs. pen detail in Limbo’s restroom. Cleaning up Sara’s awakening, and adding a bit of musing to Omentiel as he munches pizza.

    8-10-05 33,461 beginning. 33,798 end. Polishing what I have written in the Steeplechase chapter, which is where Sara meets the Hounds. I think this might be a difficult chapter. (They’re all getting difficult, now that I’ve gotten off the beaten path). Got to think of some failsafes!!! But, think I’m finally out of Purgatory!

    8-15-05 ? beginning 40,628 end I put some Anah cell phone calls into the old document, but forgot to get a beginning word count, and the notebook with the old count is downstairs (I’m at my parents’ house).

    8-16-05 33,754 beginning. 33,754 end. Yes, no writing, but I think I finally have the chapters in their proper order. So, I have 229 pages in order, with another 27 already written and ready to hook up after I finish Steeplechase. It’s hard to write here, because of all the distractions, and because Steeplechase is proving to be a challenge. Fucking words! It makes my job so hard!! I think I’m going to have to switch to a notebook for a while and write on my mom’s bathroom floor.

    8-17-05 33,754 beginning 33,987 end. Azza, Izt and Sara begin their conversation.

    8-18-05 33,987 beginning 34,253 end. I think my dad might hate this story.

    8-27-05 34,253 beginning 34, 482 229 words. Mostly re-working Omentiel’s interrogation. Back home now. I’ve got a headache from hell.

    8- 30-05 34, 590 beginning 34,887 end. 297 words. I’m just gonna hafta go to Boulder to write Steeplechase. Stuck stuck stuck.

    9-5-05 35, 669 end. 782 words. Pen and Sara are treed by the Hounds. Pen escapes with Sara. Happy anniversary, JALL. I had the first inkling of you on Labor Day, 1996, with The Sketchbook. Sorry I had to put you down for so long. Don’t give up on me, please. I guess your anniversary present to me was the scene for the escape, captured at 5 am right after a near-waking dream. Thanks!

    9-6-05 340 words. Sara runs from the Hounds and realizes the tree-climbing failsafe.

    9-7-05 211 words. Sara climbs the tree.

    9-9-05 17,772 beginning, same at the end. Nothing today.

    9-14-05 17,772 beginning, 17,859 end. Ok, it’s only 80-odd words, but I’ve broken through this retched writer’s block. Azza and Izt can actually see and retrieve Sara’s thoughts out of her aura. God, I hope it’s not to close to JKR’s penseive. I just thought of that. Oh, fuck it, I’m writing again; that’s all that’s important. A wish and a prayer go out to Poppy Z. Brite whose house is probably beyond repair. I hope she finds all her cats safe and sound.

    9-15-05 17,859 beginning, 18,348 end. 489 words. The Hounds interrogate Sara further. I was up again at 5:30. Seems to work.

    9-16-05 Just did a word total count. 77,727.

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